Humans Market

Humans market

For Accem

From the hand of Accem, Humans Market is born, a false e-commerce that apparently sells clothes, but that, in reality, is “an online market for people”. In Humans Market you can “buy a person”, and select their origin, also their age, the sector in which they work…

Apart from e-commerce, the website offers data that warns of the seriousness of the problem and a Shopping Guide with tips to become aware and be able to locate possible cases of victims of trafficking.

"Human trafficking is the slavery of the 21st centuryI"

Every year, thousands of people are deceived and extorted to leave their countries, and then are exploited in networks of sex trafficking, begging, sale of organs, drugs…

In recent years, a large percentage of these cases end up being victims of labor trafficking, people who are forced to work in inhuman conditions in sectors such as agriculture, construction, restoration… When they talk to us about labor trafficking, they immediately come to us. head the clothing sweatshops. People forced to work day and night to make the clothes that we then wear every day.

Far from this being the only sector affected by labor trafficking, we have based ourselves on it to raise awareness of this serious problem that we sometimes forget that we are part of.

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Lawrence Lawrence